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A wonderful customer had been looking for our polish recommended by a friend...she found us!




We enjoy taking phone orders and meeting our loyal customers, like Amelia:

"The ONLY furniture polish I use...makes your furniture look important."

So honored to be able to accept web site orders as well as phone orders for Antique Charm Furniture Polish.

TRAVELING...So many times we encounter Antique Charm users regionally. Last night we went to a restaurant (Tennessee) where they grill your delicious fresh food at your table. A woman and her son sat down next to us.

She began talking and we soon learned she had visited our store, The Blue Heron (Kentucky) where she purchased Antique Charm Polish. She told us her buffet had been in a coal room and later shared space with potatoes. Antique Charm had made the piece look smooth and not thirsty. What a fun story! 


We are known for pickers in our town. For decades on Saturday mornings, talented musicians sit together and make melodic memories. Antique Charm will be there on one cherished wooden instrument.  


It isn't unusual for us to meet a customer at their home for a demonstration of Antique Charm. One of my memorable visits was on the vast back porch of a log cabin. We worked on a chest together while the squirrels paraded. The customer finished the piece and it was beautiful. You can see this gorgeous cedar chest in our gallery.


From a father who makes knives to a son who makes and works on clocks, Antique Charm has been a part of their family for decades.  

HONEY DEAR...We had a person take the time to call us and explain that they saw us in Victoria Magazine. she told us when she looked down on the Charm bottle, she saw we were in Cadiz, she exclaimed, "Honey Dear, I am in Pembroke KY and that is just neat! Thank you for what you do!" You will see that I have adopted that Honey Dear expression on sweet.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

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